Booker doing a Post-Processing-Due-Diligence!


Booker doing a Post-Processing-Due-Diligence!

A whistleblower informed us of rumors that the Dutch FIOD is still investigating the PAYVISION/BOOKER money laundering case. It’s conceivable that probing into Payvision’s long-standing involvement with scammers is a complex task. The personal connection between Booker, Payvision’s founder and long-term CEO, and Uwe Lenhoff, the beneficial owner of online investment scams like option888, xmarkets, tradovest, and tradeinvest90, is likely a crucial aspect of this criminal investigation.

Some evidence of the personal relationship between Lenhoff and Booker

Uwe Lenhoff was arrested in Tyrol, Austria, on January 24, 2019, as part of a collaborative operation between German and Austrian law enforcement agencies. The wiretap transcripts in the court documents, detailing communications between Booker and Lenhoff, reveal a fascinating personal and business relationship.

Fintelegram started to expose Uwe Lenhoff and Payvision in summer 2018 and evidently this publicity caused several issues for Booker and Payvision.

Booker talking about grey market business

Booker was a trouble shooter for Lenhoff!

Laundering money and orchestrating the money flow adequately was sometimes tricky for Lenhoff but Rudolf Booker evidently always was helpful.

Booker was the trouble shooter for Lenhoff!

Onboarding binary option merchants requires a proper enhanced Due Diligence!

Towards the end of 2018 and into early 2019, more details emerged publicly about Lenhoff’s illicit activities. According to Booker’s statement to Austrian law enforcement, a negative due diligence report on Lenhoff’s business compelled them to disassociate from the merchants (Note: Lenhoff and Barak told a different story about Booker´s reason to terminate the contracts). However, despite these professional setbacks, the personal relationship between Booker and Lenhoff remained strong and close. Evidently Booker did not have an issue with Lenhoff´s fraudulent activities.

Weeks after Payvision officially ended its association with merchants linked to Lenhoff and Barak, Booker started to finally untertake  the necessary due diligence for the binary option merchant ZoomTrader, which had been onboarded in 2014/2015.

Booker and Lenhoff as of 22 January 2019
Booker and Lenhoff Teil 2

Unfortunately for Booker, just two days later, Uwe Lenhoff was arrested. It’s likely that more information is still missing about the numerous fraudulent merchants that Payvision onboarded during their seven years of involvement with the criminal organization linked to Lenhoff.