Hong Kong – a great place for scammers!

Amid the COVID-19 pandemics dozens of millions of people are locked down in their home office or must apply social distancing rules. Hence, their social activities are limited to social media and messenger services. The perfect environment for financial fraud which is right now reaching new dimensions. Acting cross-border is definitely an important part of […]

Investor Alert: Please DO NOT download ANYDESK!

AnyDesk produces terribly effective scammer weapon

During the hearing of the witnesses in the Vienna Cybercrime Trials last week (please read more here on FinTelegram) it got evident how crucial for the fraud was the use of the remote software tool AnyDesk. More or less all Gal Barak`s victims told the judge that they were heavily pushed by the boiler room agents (i.e. the call center guys) to download this free-of-charge software tool thus enabling the fraudsters to remote access the PC of the victims and to purportedly “assist” them.

EFRI´s Wirecard Money laundering complaint

As the end of June 2020 Wirecard a DAX- listed Financial Service Company imploded. Wirecard has enabled fraudsters to receive and distribute illegal funds for more then two decades. They played a crucial part for the explosion of Cybercrime in Europe. Our story with Wirecard started back in 2016 when the founder of Fintelegram met […]

Be aware of Recovery scams! Strictly avoid them! especially PAYBACK LTD!


The many investment scams out there show one very similar pattern: After the initial phase with huge wins and growing capital, the money is gone suddenly. While victims begin to realize that they have most likely lost their money they desperately try to find someone for help to get their money back, and very often they fall victim to the next fraud: recovery scams!