Payvision’s criminal case has to include also the US court cases!

Payvision criminal investigation

Payvision’s criminal case has to include also the US court cases!

As of 8 October 2020, an investigation report submitted by the Dutch Supervisory Authority (DNB) to the management of Payvision B.V. – a licensed Dutch payment institution in Amsterdam, owned by one of the biggest banks in Europe, ING –   stated that an on-site audit carried out by DNB had established

  • that the company has been in serious breach of the Sanctions Act, the Financial Supervision Act, and the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft) since at least 2015,
  • that fraud signals were deliberately ignored and some of its customers were deliberately not screened (willful blindness).

Furthermore, customer checks and compliance with anti-money laundering regulations were systematically neglected.

The DNB report explicitly states that the company’s violations are still ongoing at the time of writing, despite a clean-up operation by the new top management.

For more details we refer to our first money laundering complaint filed already in 2020.

Transaction laundering for US high-risk merchants.

In its annual report for the business year 2022 published on 9th March 2023,  ING – Payvision`s mother company (one of the biggest banks in Europe) announced publicly that FIOD`s ongoing  criminal investigations into Payvision “focus” on the time between January 2015 up to April 30, 2020. This is the period of Payvision´s engagement in the online scam business . We very well understand that this is a very special period when Rudolf Booker run the company.

 But as a matter of fact the legal claims brought by high-risk US merchants against Payvision show that the transaction laundering /bank fraud continued up to at least May 2021. So next step in the criminal investigation has to include the findings from the US legal claims filed by US merchants about Payvision´s  processing card payment transactions for CBD, Kratom and other questionable products.

Details about the US cases!

Each single US case against Payvision has hundreds on pages on Pacer. We studied the cases and established a summary.

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