Our criminal complaint against PAYVISION B.V. and its former management!

Criminal complaint Rudolf BOOKER

Our criminal complaint against PAYVISION B.V. and its former management!

EFRI filed a criminal complaint against PAYVISION B.V. and its former management, Rudolf BOOKER, Gijs OP DE WEEGH, Cheng LIEM LI, with the Dutch DNB and the Dutch FIOD.

The criminal files for Gal BARAK and Marina BARAK are extensive; based on these papers, we drafted the criminal complaint against PAYVISION B.V. (any) and its former management.

There are more than 1,000 files with hundreds of pages, including victims’ reports, bank statements, eavesdropping protocols, and reports from interrogations. Reading through these files was a long and exhausting process.

We think that by now, we know how these investment scams/boiler room scams work and understand the roles of the different accomplices.

A combination of aggressive marketing campaigns, unscrupulous boiler room employees, and wilful cooperating payment service providers results in significant harm for hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting European consumers.


The fate of the SCAMMERS

And we are convinced that all accomplices to the financial crime have to be held liable:

Gal BARAK has already been found guilty as of September 1, 2020. He is jailed in Vienna, Austria, and will hopefully soon be delivered to the German authorities for even more justice for his fraud.

Marina BARAK, Gal BARAK’s accomplice laundering the stolen money, will hopefully be found guilty in Vienna on the next trial day (Monday, May 10, 2021).

German prosecutors have indicted some of the most aggressive boiler room employees. Moraliyski Dimitar Pentschev, alias James Mor(r), will soon be trialed at the Landesgericht Würzburg.

We want to hold the licensed/regulated European payment service providers liable. They have been keen to support the scammers, and without them, the fraud would not have been possible to such an extent.


PAYVISION’s role in the scams

 PAYVISION B.V.– a licensed European (Dutch) Payment Service Provider – has for years handled transactions for high-risk merchants such as porn (e.g., PORNHUB), gambling, or trading (binary options, forex, CFD).

In addition, however, PAYVISION has also participated in fraud schemes of international criminal organizations in violation of the legal provisions imposed on the company as a regulated payment service provider (mainly on money laundering) and in violation of the requirements of credit card companies to its licensees.

PAYVISION—founded and run by BOOKER, Gijp van de WEEGH, and Cheng LIEM Li—has intentionally, knowingly, and willingly provided services to other unscrupulous financial service providers, such as T1 Payments LLC (see section 88f) and Allied Wallet (see section 109ff).

Summarizing we are convinced that PAYVISION was knowingly and willingly involved in the multiple frauds of European and U.S. citizens and that the fraudsters managed to steal tens of thousands of consumers for their life savings over the years through the deliberate help of PAYVISION, proof please refer to:

  • Information from the criminal facts of LENHOFF/BARAK at the Criminal District Court of Vienna (730 Js 1545/18).
  • statements of PAYVISION’s ex-CEO  Rudolf BOOKER in the above criminal files.
  • Deposit confirmations (bank transfers and credit card billing) for other scams.
  • Information from public records of legal cases pending in the United States involving PAYVISION.

Get copies of the criminal complaints.

We have filed the German version (download here) of our criminal complaint against the ex-owners and ex-board of management of PAYVISION (who have now left the company) with the relevant authorities in Germany and Austria on behalf of the Austrian and German victims. We will continue to file the English version (download here) (updated as of August 31, 2021) with the relevant authorities in other European countries. Go ahead and download them and hand them over to the appropriate authorities. We request justice for our victims.