Open Letter to ING´s ESG Committee

annual report about Payvision

Open Letter to ING´s ESG Committee

ING ´s ESG Committee is to enforce adherence to ESG principles

On March 9, 2023 the Dutch ING Groep NV published its annual report for 2022. In this annual report ING Groep NV talks a lot about social responsibility (compare the section: STAYING SAFE AND SECURE) and about the essential role of the financial industry as a gatekeeper to protect society against financial crime.  The report also discusses the importance of TRUST as starting point, as the most basic requirement, for all stakeholders. ING Group NV elaborates that projects and companies ING is financing are checked for social risks to steer clear of activities in specific sectors or industries that could harm people.

Furthermore, we learned from the ING annual report that in the second quarter of 2022, it was decided to stress the importance ING Groep NV puts on adherence to ESG principles.

So, ING Groep NV´s supervisory set up a dedicated ESG Committee. The ESG Committee is to enforce the commitment to continue working with the EB and the MBB (Executive Board and Managing Banking Board) on further embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into ING´s Internal processes and business activities. The ESG Committee is also to assist with overseeing ESG-related topics.

Tens of thousands of PAYVISION´s victims

On page 258 of the same report in section legal proceedings ING Groep talks about criminal proceedings about money laundering ongoing for PAYVISION a subsidiary of ING Groep NV. Evidenced by a desatrous DNB (de nederlandsche Bank) report it is common knowledge that PAYVISION BV, part of ING Groep NV, was one of the significant financial crime enablers for online fraud scams during the years 2013 up to at least April 2020.  Tens of thousands of European trustful consumers were left financially and mentally distressed. Pls refer to our reports about PAYVISION´s involvement.

Out of the more than 1.300 victims registered with EFRI, more than 300 have been victimized by transnational cybercriminal organizations facilitated by PAYVISION BV.  We have been trying to find a settlement with Payvision and ING Groep NV for three years.

Until now, no constructive handling of the refund matter has occurred. PAYVISION BV concentrated on denying the allegations for years, blaming the victims, and defaming our organization.


We think it is about time that ING Group NV fulfills its social responsibility for the fraud victims. So we established an open letter to the members of the ESG Committee and hope that we get their attention.