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About EFRI

EFRI is the abbreviation for European Funds Recovery Initiative. The legal entity behind this Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation (EFRI-Association) registered in Vienna, Austria. Here you can read the statutes of the not-for-profit organization.

In a nutshell, EFRI fights cybercrime and asks for refunds on behalf of their members from the scammers and from the European organisations (including payment service providers and banks) which support their fraudulent activities.

We strongly believe that a large group of victims fighting the scammers and asking the authorities for help in a structured way, can make a difference and can help to stop this kind of fraud in Europe.

Mission Statement

The purpose of EFRI is to support victims of Cybercrime and to promote cybersecurity in the user segment of consumers and small investors.

With increasing digitalisation, the extent of cybercrime is also increasing massively. The activities of many initiatives to increase cybersecurity focus primarily on the technical and organisational aspects of companies. EFRI, on the other hand, concentrates on protecting Consumers from online fraudsters through technical, organisational, communicative and legal measures.

We think that the protection of Consumers and Small Investors is a must for the development of a sustainable cyber society.

The activities of EFRI focus on the following areas:

•  Supporting victims of cybercrime to overcome the psychological effects of the crime and to prevent them from being victimised again;

•  Identifying European financial service providers supporting the scams and addressing them for refunds on behalf of the victims;

•  Coordination and contact point for authorities, non-government organisations and private initiatives for data exchange and warnings regarding scams and investment fraud;

•  Public early warning system against scammers and investment fraud in cooperation with media partners and operators of social media;

•  Development of a cybercrime database for statistical analysis.

The activities of the Association are not profit-oriented, and the Association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes according to its Statutes and is therefore a non-profit association in compliance with the applicable tax regulations (§34- 47 of the BAO).

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Initiative zur Bekämpfung von Cyberkriminalität an Konsumenten und Kleinanlegern in Europa

English: EFRI European Funds Recovery Initiative

Registered in Vienna ZVR 1493630560, Austria

Email Address:

[email protected]

Phone No: 00436644251363

Board Members: Elfriede Sixt, Nigel Kimberly

The statutes of the not-for-profit organization are downloadable here.

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