FBI shut down Payback Ltd!

FBI closed down payback

FBI shut down Payback Ltd!

Recovery scammers are probably even worse as the original scammers! When victims realize that they got scammed they are desparate and are searching for help. This is when recovery scammers – having bought the customer (victims) lists from the original scammers – show up and offer help for a substantial prepayment. Only in order to disappear soon after.

payback organization

Payback Ltd and all entities belonging to this Israeli organization (compare the Fintelegram reports)  were the worst! Many of our members told us about their experience with them and how much money they paid them and how they scammed them again. We were threatended by them several times because we issued a warning against them already years ago.

Revictimizing victims by promising help is an especially reprehensible crime. Recovery organizations are among the worst elements of the scamming industry.

So the US FBI did a good job on this! It is a good day for consumers in Europe!

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