Enhance the drafted DMA!

Enhance the drafted DMA

Enhance the drafted DMA!

As we have seen so often in the past years, the European authorities have been mainly concerned with protecting the interests of the business users in drafting the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and have forgotten about the so much-needed consumer protection. It is about time to enhance consumer protection in the EU, so the drafted DMA must be improved.

Margrethe Vestager misses understanding that FAKE NEWS and Cybercrime and all the harm coming with them will most probably be one of the biggest threats in the future for society and the digitalization efforts of the European Union. European lawmakers have to undertake all action required to give end-users both individually and collectively the possibilities, to bring enforcement actions for violation of DMA rules by the big tech companies (GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, APPLE) before national courts. At the moment, this option would only be available to business users. But the digitalization efforts will only show positive results when the EU`s consumer protection is enhanced soon.

Led by BEUC, several independent academics, civil society organizations, and SMEs issued an open letter to the European Parliament and the Member States in the EU´s Council of Ministers. They want to give end-users the role and necessary safeguards and mechanisms to make sure DMA is the game-changing law that it promises to be.

Open letter DMA

open letter DMA