ESG criteria

What about the S and the G in ESG?

It became a modern trend in the financial sector that each organization likes to provide sophisticated wordings about the importance of sustainable finance and the application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in their day-to-day business and asset allocation. Above all big banks and financial institutions heavily publish about

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HSBC cybercrime

HSBC – a dirty bank as an accomplice of big style cybercrime!

EFRI, an association based in Vienna, Austria, set up in spring 2020, by now represents more than 1,052 European consumers who were defrauded by cybercriminals. As of writing the victims lost over EUR 59.2 million in the form of investment scams also referred to as boiler room scams. HSBC, one

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EBA to start to do a proper job

EBA has finally to do a proper job!

In preparing the civil legal claims against PAYVISION B.V., we dig deeply into the criminal files for Option888 and the Wolf of Sofia. We learn a lot about how these fraudulent schemes work. In addition, we also know a lot about the enablers of these enormous fraudulent activities. Unscrupulous regulated

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Deutsche Handelsbank closes down

Deutsche Handelsbank closes down its payment services business

For more than two years, we have been delivering information about bank accounts of Deutsche Handelsbank used for scamming people to the German authorities. When we were working on the #Wirecard money laundering complaint (back in January 2020), it was evident that some of the scammers used both Wirecard and Deutsche

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Backlog in victims´ rights adoption in the EU

The backlog of Victims´ Rights adoption in the EU!

The Directive for the Rights of Victims (DIRECTIVE 2012/29/EU) in principle prescribes everything needed to protect consumers and care for fraud victims. Based on experiences made by the fraud victims we represent we realized that there is a severe backlog in adopting this Victims´Rights Directive in many European Union member

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Payvision and its US Court Cases

PAYVISION and its US court cases (Scammers and their PSPs PART II)

We have been doing a deep-dive investigation in PAYVISION B.V. Amsterdam’s business activities. PAYVISION B.V. is a 100 per cent subsidiary of one of the world’s most reputable banks ING Groep N.V. We know that PAYVISION served scammers like Gal BARAK and Uwe LENHOFF wilfully, as described in our article

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