EBA to start to do a proper job

EBA has finally to do a proper job!

In preparing the civil legal claims against PAYVISION B.V., we dig deeply into the criminal files for Option888 and the Wolf of Sofia. We learn a lot about how these fraudulent schemes work. In addition, we also know a lot about the enablers of these enormous fraudulent activities. Unscrupulous regulated

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Deutsche Handelsbank closes down

Deutsche Handelsbank closes down its payment services business

For more than two years, we have been delivering information about bank accounts of Deutsche Handelsbank used for scamming people to the German authorities. When we were working on the #Wirecard money laundering complaint (back in January 2020), it was evident that some of the scammers used both Wirecard and Deutsche

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Backlog in victims´ rights adoption in the EU

The backlog of Victims´ Rights adoption in the European Union!

The Directive for the Rights of Victims (DIRECTIVE 2012/29/EU) prescribes everything needed to protect consumers and care for fraud victims. Based on the experiences made by the fraud victims we represent we realized that there is a severe backlog in adopting the Victims´Rights Directive in many European Union member countries.

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Interwiew with EFRI Founder Elfriede Sixt

First, they laughed, then they threatened, and finally, they got arrested!

EFRI Founder, Elfriede Sixt, did an interview with Fintelegram. We copied it n here: The European Fund Recovery Initiative (EFRI) was founded in 2018 by the CPA Elfriede Sixt joint effort with FinTelegram and lawyers. EFRI represents more than 1,000 scam victims by now with around 60 million euros damages. Besides assisting victims,

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Interview EFRI

Interview Part II: Decipering cybercrime and scams!

For Part, I of the interview with the EFRI founder Elfriede Sixt go here. Q 6. How did BitRush develop into the Lenhoff cybercrime case? Although knowing about the money laundering claims, Joachim Kalcher, the then technical chief operator of Bitrush Corp, teamed up with Uwe Lenhoff. He continued to pursue his

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EU countries with serious ML issues

EU countries with serious ML issues!

Today, EFRI represents 876 mainly European victims who lost their life savings of more than EUR 45.9 million to boiler room scammers. Fraud victims transferred EUR 45.9 million to beneficial owners of fraudulent websites through various European banks/financial service providers. Our updated Follow the Money evaluation (downloadable here) and our studies of the

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Fake EFRI fund recovery experts


Victims have been attacked via e-mails and phone calls from alleged EFRI employees in recent weeks. They are offering scam victims to recover their funds on a fee basis. Victims receive EFRI invoices and are asked to pay via Bitcoin (BTC). They pretend to be EFRI-employees and use the EFRI

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