EFRI`s B2G criminal complaint

B2G criminal complaint

EFRI`s B2G criminal complaint

When we started to collect the deposit slips of the many victims that registered with us, some registered and unregistered (illegal) payment service providers continuously kept showing up.

One often showing up illegal payment processor was B2G GmbH, Cologne (HRB 89485)  a German company owned and managed by Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman.

B2G GmbH and its sister company B2G sro enabled each scam  (xtraderfx, OptionStarsGlobal, BlueTrading u.a.) we encountered to intake victims’ money on German/Czech bank accounts. Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman transferred the deposits to the scammers within a few days after deducting a hefty chunk of the stolen money for the provided illegal payment services.

EFRI established and filed a money laundering complaint about B2G and its management with the responsible public prosecutor’s office in Cologne on the basis of numerous victim reports.

In our opinion, these payment processors and their acting persons are liable for the damages of consumers caused by their clients.

The case is pending with a prosecutor in Cologne.