The Danish FSA and its relaxed approach regarding Københavns Andelskasse and Clearhaus A/S

As of January 21, 2021 UNZER (formerly Heidelpay) announced its acquisition of two Danish payment companies: Clearhaus A/S an acquiring company (payment institution supervised by the Danish FSA and QuickPay in Aarhus in Denmark – subject to the approval of the relevant supervisory authorities. As EFRI represents 77 victims who have deposited their life savings […]

Pls tell Europol to contact us, only then I will reopen your criminal case!

For the past twenty months we have learned a lot about how authorities in Europe handle unsuspecting European consumers who happened to fall victim to cybercrime. Our experience with European law enforcement agencies On a daily basis we have learned about European prosecutors turning down criminal complaints made by boiler room fraud victims without even […]

Follow the money!

As of today (June 29th, 2020) 820 victims from investment scams registered with EFRI with a loss of more than 34 mio Euro. As each victim delivered its deposit slips to us, we have been able to establish a summary what countries are the most favourable places for illegal payment service providers to offer their […]