Wanted: Victims` Voice to Expose Shortcomings of EU Cybercrime prevention

EU Cybercime prevention and EFRI

Dear All, one of our members tried to address the EU parliament to organize help for all the victims of the cybercrime going on in Union and set up a well-written petition to the EU Parliament describing the extent of the fraud going on in Europe. About seven months! after she sent her petition to the Committee on Petitions to the EU Parliament, she finally got an answer:

The EU Parliament is deeply convinced – as can be proven by their letter to the EP Committee on Petitions dated March 16, 2020 – that the rules and measures undertaken by the European Parliament against cybercrime (for retail investors) are sufficient and that there are no significant structural shortcomings in the implementation of the rules currently in place.

The petitioners have not provided any evidence of significant structural shortcomings in the implementation of the rules currently in place. So the Commission remains fully committed to ensure that those rules are fully implemented, in order to enhance transparency for consumers, effective law enforcement action against criminals and assistance to victims. (letters are enclosed).

I think we all know that this is just nonsense, as the number of victims from cyberscams in the EU is rising in a staggering manner every single day.

EFRI wants to give victims a voice in the EU. Hence, we will send our #VictimsVoice Petition signed by more than 1,100 victims from investment scams to the EP Committee on Petitions within the next two weeks. Please tell us your stories on how you experienced the effectiveness and efficiency of the EU law enforcement agencies on Cybercrime, so we can enclose your experience and affidavit with our petition.

Please restrict yourself to a maximum of 150 words, and either make a comment below or send your witness report to [email protected] with the reference Witness report.


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