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Please provide the wallet address with your EVN token
Please provide the number of you EVN tokens bought in the ICO or on exchanges.
By submitting this form, I accept that EFRI and its legal representatives represent my interests in the creditors' committee of ENVION AG in liquidation. I understand that this is done free of charge for me. EFRI will inform me directly about the results and will protect my interests in the best possible way.
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The creditors committee is a communication platform with the ENVION liquidator. EFRI organizes one or more independent investor representatives for the creditors’ meeting, who organize and represent the interests of the investors in a coordinated manner. We offer all Envion investors the opportunity to be represented at the creditors’ meeting of ENVION AG by EFRI free of charge. The EFRI authorized people are:

  • one lawyer and
  • also two investor representatives.

The investor representatives are investors who are active in representing the interests of investors and who have been operating telegram channels free of charge for months in which investors are kept up to date on current developments: https://t.me/envioninvestors.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]