Payment Services Provider Class Action

PSPs – Fraud Facilitators

Fraud Hubs

PSPs are something like the common denominator behind the different illegal online schemes. They’re hubs where the threats of different schemes and perpetrators converge. PSPs have the respective payment transaction data of investors payments with the beneficiaries and typically know the schemes’ ultimate beneficial owners.

Liable To Investors

Most of these PSPs are presumably aware of the fraudulent nature of their customers (i.e. the schemes). Thus, they are liable under civil law and to be held criminally liable. EFRI therefore consolidates the claims of the defrauded investors beyond the various fraudulent broker schemes and will thus directly address the PSPs concerned.

Criminal Offenses

PSP deliberately supporting and/or facilitating fraudulent schemes are actually doing money laundering and have to be regarded as co-conspirators of these schemes.

You have already registered with another EFRI campaign?

If you have already registered with another EFRI fund recovery campaign and delivered your payment data, you don’t need to register with this campaign as we have you data anyway.

List of involved PSPs

Card Processors

  • Payvision
  • Fondy
  • Praxis Cashier
  • Neteller
  • NetPay International
  • Jubiter

Bank Wire Processors

  • Xtrabit s.r.o.
  • B2G GmbH
  • P2P GmbH
  • IntellEstate GmbH
  • StronIT GmbH
  • TrustSecure GmbH