Our experience with recovery laywers – coming soon!

Our experience with recovery laywers – coming soon!

On a daily basis we get emails from victims asking for advice wether to engage a lawyer for the recovery of their stolen funds. We have worked with lawyers from all over Europe during the past four years, so we are probably really the best point to get advice on this.

t present, we are compiling a summary to share our varied experiences with different law firms doing business  in recovery funds for fraud victims across various countries, based on our day-to-day work over the past few years.

Lawyer´s we have worked with during the past years:

Rechtsanwälte Dimitrov und Filippatos, München  (as we always get a lot of inquiries for this law company: Mr. Dimitrov can be strongly recommended!).

Dr. Markus Vetter, Schweiz, Wien

GIAMBRONE Law, London and Palermo, Italy

more to come.

Up to publishing the full article, you can get in touch with us to get a personal advice before you hire one of them. (just send an email to [email protected])

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  1. I have traced my wallet or the content of it to this wallet, bc1qmak6ejwefzj28jwej7kru88nzw6czk9geyalwy.
    It has a few million in it at any given time and has from 22 to 26 Billion dollars being transferred through it, not sure if it is per day or total.
    There are many transactions where they transfer coins to other wallets with the majority, 95+% back to themselves. I suspect money laundering.

    This should at a minimum be reported to the Canadian Government but our Anti Fraud Centre in Canada only gathers information from those being scammed and does not investigate or do anything other than tell us that nobody ever gets their money back.

    I would like to work with your organization as this all must be stopped. The people must be warned and be educated in the identification of scammers, and crypto laundering companies. The Banks must stop being accomplices to money laundering, and so much more.
    Please help me to help you.

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