Naming and Shaming of Financial Crime enablers

“Naming and shaming” is a popular strategy to enforce human rights norms and laws.

We will use the Naming and Shaming approach to set off the non-action policy of the European law enforcement and financial supervisory authorities on financial fraud enablers.

Cybercrime facilitators like lawyers, company builders, supervised financial entities, crypto exchanges and other professionals who help engineer the legal and financial structures seen in the financial cybercrimes are not adequately held accountable in Europe.

These professionals use their knowledge to create opportunities to facilitate the commission and concealment of such crimes, thereby undermining the rule of law and their profession and trust in the legal and financial system.

We will share the names of the companies we encounter when researching European scams and fraud.

So at least everyone knows the WHO is WHO in the cybercrime area.

Lists we are establishing:

A list of supervised financial entities you can find here.

You can find a list of crypto exchanges working with scammers here. 

You can find a list of lawyers working with the people and Financial Institutions showing up in cybercrime cases. 

You can find a list of company builders in the scam industry here (soon).

Advertising Companies showing up are as follows (soon).