EFRI KayaFX Campaign Memberships

Intel Membership (Free)

The Intel Membership is not available for the KayaFX fund recovery campaign. Free information on the KayaFX case will be provided, however, on FinTelegram.

POA Membership (Fee)

The POA Membership can be bought for an initial one-time fee of EUR 75. With the POA Membership EFRI includes the member’s claims into its funds recovery activities, i.e. they will be included in all negotiations with the perpetrators and their co-conspirators like payment services providers.

Furthermore, POA members have access to the private Telegram campaign channel to

  • receive additional information
  • share information with other members
  • ask questions

Anybody can register for the EFRI POAMembership. The Telegram campaign channel access data will be provided upon receipt of payment.