During the hearing of the witnesses in the Vienna Cybercrime Trials last week (please read more here on FinTelegram) it got evident how crucial for the fraud was the use of the remote software tool AnyDesk. More or less all Gal Barak`s victims told the judge that they were heavily pushed by the boiler room agents (i.e. the call center guys) to download this free-of-charge software tool thus enabling the fraudsters to remote access the PC of the victims and to purportedly “assist” them in

  • installing the customer account on the online trading website;
  • transferring money via the victims´e-banking facilities;
  • creating and settling the trades;
  • opening crypto wallets;
  • arranging credit facilities.

The boiler room agents staging as “investment adviser” or certified “traders” urged the victims to open AnyDesk whenever the victim opened its trading account and they started their “advisor sessions.”

Due to information received from our EFRI members (today more than 820 victims from different scams), we know that AnyDesk was used for sure with the following scams: XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Market, OptionStarsGlobal, KayaFX, KontoFX, UproFX, ProuFX, ProTraderexProufix, Brokerz, Capital Traders, KeyMarkets, EUR Trades, Fibonetix, RIMarkets-fx.com, Millenium-fx, Toptrade pro, and many, many others.

As a matter of fact, AnyDesk is used by scammers and their boiler rooms as a terribly efficient weapon to defraud clients. Thus, we have decided to write an open letter to AnyDesk to ask for their support in the fight against scammers in the first place and, additionally, to warn consumers and retail investors to use AnyDesk carelessly:

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