Funds Recovery Campaigns

On one hand we are running big campaigns for victims of specific scams. For these campaigns, we undertake the following steps to:

  • collect as many victims from these scams.
  • set up separate campaign Telegram groups for the victims of the respective scams.
  • collect all information from the victims about the fraud.
  • approach the used banks, and the legal and illegal payment service providers (PSPs) which enabled the fraud.
  • file money laundering complaints against the banks and other financial service providers.
  • work to start criminal proceedings in European countries and afterwards we support by delivering all info on the specific claim.

Additionally in addition to the above campaigns we also accept registrations of victims from other scams, and so we run also groups for smaller campaigns (like Get Financial, or PrestigeFM,…) for some of the above big campaigns registrations of one victims was just the beginning.

Please read more in detail on our blog posting.

If you want to join, please just contact us: [email protected]