Details about our organization

Details about the history and the legal details of EFRI you can find here.

Who are the members of EFRI?

More than 1.200 victims Investment fraud from all over the world with a total loss (stolen money) of more than EUR 60 million are members of our not-for profit organization.

How to become a member of EFRI?

We ask for a one-time membership fee of 75 € – payable via PayPal or via bank transfer  (pls contact us  for more info ), in addition we ask for a power of attorney (for more details pls also send an email to [email protected]).

pls be aware, that we never accept BTC-payments.

What does becoming a member of EFRI mean?

We will try to support you in coping with the mental and financial stress of getting victimized.

Success fees for refunded money?

In case of a successful refund, we will ask for a success fee of the refunded amount. For refunds achieved in out-of-court settlements, we ask for a 10% success fee. In case it is necessary to go to court, we will come back with specific arrangements as we have to work with additional people – lawyers and litigation funders. But in any case, everything will be discussed with the relevant members upfront.

What else to know about us?

We have established Telegram groups, we work with Facebook groups, publish postings on the EFRI website and most importantly we give regular updates via emails.

EFRI has a (free-of-charge) co-operation agreement with the media and whistleblower website Fintelegram. Fintelegram acts as our media website that reports about our work and addresses the scammers which victims and our members report to us. Fintelegram has been able to establish a broad network of whistleblowers and has already achieved quite good results.

What have we achieved so far?

With the contribution of Fintelegram/EFRI it was possible for the Austrian and German law enforcement agencies to expose the criminal organisation around Gal BARAK (the Wolf of Sofia), his wife Marina BARAK, Gery Shalon and Vlad Smirnov. GAL BARAK was found guilty of running the fraudulent investment scams: xtraderfx, optionStarsGlobal, safemarkets,.. (severe fraud and money laundering) and he was sentenced to 4 year prison in Vienna. More indictments are to come soon.

you want to cooperate with us?

You are a journalist interested in financial fraud or boiler room scams, a fraud fighter, a lawyer engaged in this business area, a consumer protection agency,… if you are interested in our work, pls do not hestitate to send an email to [email protected].