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How your claim process works
Once you have filed your consultation request via the online forms on our website, your claim will be analyzed and assessed by our experts.
Based on our assessment we and our attorneys will develop the best strategy to recover your funds.
This first assessment is free of charge.
Types of Funds Recovery Actions
EFRI works with two basic types of funds recovery actions
  • Individual Actions: the investors' claim is dealt with on an individual claim;
  • Recovery Campaigns: a sort of class action with EFRI acting on behalf of several investors (e.g. SafeMarkets, ENVION);
What can EFRI do for me?
Fintelegram/EFRI has developed a database as well as knowledge about fraudulent binary option and crypto schemes and thus can support investors and/or their lawyers in this task.
We work with a network of specialized partners and lawyers in different jurisdictions to streamline the process of recovering your funds.
EFRI provides clients with the following services:
  • claims assessment
  • out-of court funds recovery actions
  • litigation advisory
  • crisis management
Who are the lawyers?
EFRI works with lawyers from different jurisdictions who joined our initiative to support claims.
In assessing the investors' claims we decide which lawyers to involve. All EFRI lawyers are experienced in funds recovery in and out of court.
What are EFRI Recovery Campaigns?
In case we gathered several investors around a specific investment scheme, EFRI may decide to launch a coordinated class action to recover the funds for the participating investors in line with the relevant country legislation. Currently, EFRI runs funds recovery campaigns for SafeMarkets, ENVION, and COINTED.
What is EFRI Funds Recovery about?
Over the last decade, we, unfortunately, experienced a lot of illicit investment and trading platforms. Some of them offered FOREX trading, other called their products binary options, and many offered cryptocurrency trading. They all had one thing in common - they cheated investors. EFRI Funds Recovery aims to recover investors' funds from the bad actors behind those illicit investment & trading schemes.
Do I have to pay for the claim?
Filing your funds' recovery claim with EFRI is absolutely free of charge. The EFRI team will analyze your claim and consequently presents you an opinion on how to proceed. The opinion is also free of charge and it's up to the investor to decide on the next steps which may or may not involve payments to lawyers and/or courts.
How exactly is EFRI trying to recover funds?
EFRI is working with a global network of partners, authorities, lawyers, insiders, and whistleblowers, Our goal is to identify the beneficial owners, corporate structures and individuals behind scams and illicit investment platforms. We directly address those individuals with our funds' recovery request and try to find a solution. In case, EFRI is not successful in finding out-of-court solutions we file lawsuits and/or criminal claims against the identified people.

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