Since 2009 thousands of European retail investors have lost their life-time savings on fraudulent online trading websites established and operated by scammers. The size of the fraud is gigantic and prosecutors in the different European countries have been helpless due to the criminal cross-border organizations.

The monthly damage currently caused to European small investors by fraud on online trading websites (hereinafter also referred to as broker scams or investment scams) in Europe is estimated at 1 billion[1] euros per month (!). This is only a rough estimate, since up to now – 10 years after the beginning of this type of crime – there has been no uniform collection of criminal complaints for this type of crime in the individual European countries.

This lack of uniform collection also hinders any central, efficient and effective prosecution of this type of crime within the individual European countries, not to mention a Europe-wide coordinated prosecution of these crimes.

This leaves European retail investors helpless at the mercy of the global mafialike-organised cybercriminals behind the hundreds of investment scams available on the Internet. read more here.

We are fighting against these scams and we want the European authorities to finally act, if you want to support us, pls join in and sign our petition: here