EFRI Collective Claim

EFRI Single Claims


In this full-service scenario, EFRI collects the claims of small and medium-sized ENVION investors and files them as authorized representatives with the Swiss bankruptcy court. EFRI will take care of the claim until the successful recovery. The individual EVN token holder authorizes the EFRI to file and enforce the claim until reimbursement. With this option, EFRI transfers your refund to your Bitcoin/Ether Wallet, Paypal account, etc.

EFRI files the claim of the individual investors with the bankruptcy court on their behalf in the proper legal manner. The refund will then be transferred directly from the Swiss insolvency administrator to the investors’ bank accounts (this requires the transfer of the address of residency and IBAN bank data).

EFRI Agents

Registered EFRI Auditor/Lawyer

The claim will be filed on behalf of the investor by EFRI lawyer


No fixed fees

Success Commision:

  • successful recovery of funds
  • up to €5.000: 15%
  • more than €5.000: 10%

No success commision

One-time Handling Charge:

  • with confirmed file claiming: €250
  • regardless of claimed amount

Target Investors

small and medium investors <10.000 EVN Token

large investors holding more than 10.000 EVN Token