Anyone can be the victim of a scam. Scammers have the latest technology, a lot of money and often carry out their attacks based on demographic and psychological studies. Sometimes a momentary lapse of attention on a mobile phone is enough to fall into the trap. You have fallen victim. But you don’t have to be one. You must not remain a victim, you can defend yourself and fight back.

Cybercrime and scams are an ever-present and serious threat to our networked digital world. Anyone can get caught out. And every day, the threat grows. This is also because the European authorities are still helpless in the face of the cybercrime phenomenon. Together we can fight back. Together we can make our cyber-society more secure.

The fight against cybercrime cannot be left solely up to the authorities. Rather, it requires the sincere resistance of all citizens, and from society as a whole.

Did you fall victim to an investment scam? Do you feel desperate because you have lost your money and trust in yourself? Join our community. Fight against scammers and cybercrime together with us.

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