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Please provide the wallet address with your EVN token
Please provide the number of you EVN tokens bought in the ICO or on exchanges.
EFRI lawyers have filed a criminal complaint against ENVION and its responsible actors. The complaint is investigated by the public prosecutors in Berlin. Court file No: AZ 257 Js 665/18.
By submitting this form I confirm that the data provided are correct. I am authorizing EFRI and its lawyers to take the necessary steps to file my claim with the public prosecutor's office in Berlin as appropriate. I understand that this filing is free of charge for me.
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Some ENVION investors have paid for their EVN tokens by credit card but have not received the PIN to access their EVN tokens in the ENVION Dashboard.

These investors can therefore file their investment in the liquidation proceedings as claims in the amount originally transferred in the token sale plus interest in the liquidation proceedings. The invested amount represents a “regular” liability of ENVION AG. The discussion about the legal qualification of the tokens is not relevant for this kind of demands.

In order to prevent a limitation of the claim, we recommend these ENVION investors to join a private party in the criminal proceedings already initiated in connection with this unlawful restraint of the surrender of the tokens under the AZ 257 Js 665/18, at the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office, Department of IT Crime.

EFRI organises this private equity affiliation free of charge, irrespective of whether the claims were registered with us in the course of the ENVION liquidation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]