EFRI´s request to open infringement proceedings against several European countries for not yet implementing properly the Directive on the Rights of Victims (Directive 2012/29/EU)

By going through the existing Directive for the Rights of Victims (DIRECTIVE 2012/29/EU) and also by working through the Directives already in existence for the protection for consumers in the European Union we realized that these Directives have prescribed everything what is needed to protect consumers and to care for victims of fraud already for […]

Pls tell Europol to contact us, only then I will reopen your criminal case!

For the past twenty months we have learned a lot about how authorities in Europe handle unsuspecting European consumers who happened to fall victim to cybercrime. Our experience with European law enforcement agencies On a daily basis we have learned about European prosecutors turning down criminal complaints made by boiler room fraud victims without even […]

Investor Alert: Please DO NOT download ANYDESK!

AnyDesk produces terribly effective scammer weapon

During the hearing of the witnesses in the Vienna Cybercrime Trials last week (please read more here on FinTelegram) it got evident how crucial for the fraud was the use of the remote software tool AnyDesk. More or less all Gal Barak`s victims told the judge that they were heavily pushed by the boiler room agents (i.e. the call center guys) to download this free-of-charge software tool thus enabling the fraudsters to remote access the PC of the victims and to purportedly “assist” them.

Riddle of Honourable Judge Blame

victims voice

Legal technicality Paradoxically and ironically, until this evident technicality is fixed, the victim in severe cases, but in principle all cases, feels the same ‘exclusion’, from the same deficiency, in the same structural measures implemented, with which the criminal actually can thrive – predominantly and persistently in exclusion, but able to avoid blame,  and responsibility […]