HSBC – a dirty bank as an accomplice of big style Cybercriminals!

HSBC Die Skandalbank ARTE

EFRI, an association based in Vienna, Austria, set up in spring 2020, by now represents more than 1,052 European consumers who were defrauded by cybercriminals. As of writing the victims lost over EUR 59.2 million in the form of investment scams also referred to as boiler room scams.  HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, […]

EFRI Case File – The Kobenhavn Andelskasse

To date, EFRI represents more than 910 European consumers who have been ripped off by investment scams, stealing  EUR 49,8 Mio of their lifetime savings. The harm done to hundreds of thousands of European consumers – mainly elderly people –  during the past years by investment and boiler room scams is nothing short of shocking. […]

SCAM ALERT: Scammers are using the EFRI logo to defraud people!


Harvey is not real! – he is just a little guy trying to be a shark! We got emails from fraud victims out there asking for verification of emails they received from scammers pretending to act for the European Funds Recovery Initiative and requesting money from them. Pls be aware that we do not do […]

GAL BARAK – former CEO of Bulgarian and Serbian boiler rooms and beneficial owner of a major international binary option and Forex fraud scheme sentenced to 4 Years in prison in Vienna, Austria.

On 1 September 2020, Gal BARAK, a citizen of Israel, 33, was sentenced to 4 years in prison at the Regional Court of Vienna,  by the Senate of lay judges chaired by Judge  Christian Böhm for serious commercial fraud and money laundering (pursuant to section 147 (3) StGB and section 165 STGB in conjunction with […]

EFRI`s criminal complaint against B2G

When we started to collect the deposit slips of the many victims who registered with us, some registered and unregistered (illegal) payment service providers continuously kept showing up. One of these very often showing up illegal payment service provider was B2G GmbH, a German company owned and managed by Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman. B2G […]

EFRI´s Wirecard Money laundering complaint

As the end of June 2020 Wirecard a DAX- listed Financial Service Company imploded. Wirecard has enabled fraudsters to receive and distribute illegal funds for more then two decades. They played a crucial part for the explosion of Cybercrime in Europe. Our story with Wirecard started back in 2016 when the founder of Fintelegram met […]