Pls tell Europol to contact us, only then I will reopen your criminal case!

For the past twenty months we have learned a lot about how authorities in Europe handle unsuspecting European consumers who happened to fall victim to cybercrime. Our experience with European law enforcement agencies On a daily basis we have learned about European prosecutors turning down criminal complaints made by boiler room fraud victims without even […]

Scammers and their bankers III – The legal entity monopoly played by PAYVISION to bypass regulatory frameworks

No scams without payment facilitators The investment scam tsunami currently sweeping Europe, would not be possible without willingly participating Payment Service Providers (PSPs). We are convinced that the scammers’ fraudulent business is made possible, in part, by their lengthy, personal and close relationship with the management of the payment processors. Details about the extent and […]

SCAM ALERT: Scammers are using the EFRI logo to defraud people!


Harvey is not real! – he is just a little guy trying to be a shark! We got emails from fraud victims out there asking for verification of emails they received from scammers pretending to act for the European Funds Recovery Initiative and requesting money from them. Pls be aware that we do not do […]

You just realized that you got SCAMMED!

I got scammed

So you just noticed that your “best buddy” – a boiler room guy, who has told you that he is probably one of the most experienced online trader ever – is not longer reachable for you. Neither he nor anyone else from the fenzy online trading website reacts on your emails, noone has not called […]