The Danish FSA and its relaxed approach regarding Københavns Andelskasse and Clearhaus A/S

As of January 21, 2021 UNZER (formerly Heidelpay) announced its acquisition of two Danish payment companies: Clearhaus A/S an acquiring company (payment institution supervised by the Danish FSA and QuickPay in Aarhus in Denmark – subject to the approval of the relevant supervisory authorities. As EFRI represents 77 victims who have deposited their life savings […]

BULGARIA – An EU scam and money laundering hub

sofia Bulgaria, Scam hub

The money laundering system of the Gal BARAK Cybercrime organization On 1 September 2020, a first verdict was reached at the Vienna Criminal Court within the framework of the so-called Vienna Cybercrime Trials ( #VCT). The Israeli citizen Gal BARAK was found guilty of serious fraud and money laundering as operator and beneficial owner of […]

All about Authorized Push Payments!

Which Super complaint

Did you transfer money to a scammer by using online-banking tools? if yes, pls read this: So scammers convinced you by making false pretenses to send money via online banking to an account controlled by the scammers. As you gave instructions to your bank and authorized them to send the money to a different bank […]

Be aware of Recovery scams! Strictly avoid them! especially PAYBACK LTD!


The many investment scams out there show one very similar pattern: After the initial phase with huge wins and growing capital, the money is gone suddenly. While victims begin to realize that they have most likely lost their money they desperately try to find someone for help to get their money back, and very often they fall victim to the next fraud: recovery scams!

Follow the money!

As of today (June 29th, 2020) 820 victims from investment scams registered with EFRI with a loss of more than 34 mio Euro. As each victim delivered its deposit slips to us, we have been able to establish a summary what countries are the most favourable places for illegal payment service providers to offer their […]

Spiegel Report on EFRI Money-laundering Complaints

As discussed in our latest blog post EFRI continues to file money-laundering complaints against scam facilitating payment processors based on the documentation provided by victims. Mainly because we think that only if the European banks or the acquiring organizations stop to facilitate the money flow from the victims to the fraudsters the ongoing fraud on […]

Welcome to our EFRI Blog

Since the end of 2019, our team has been working closely with law enforcement, prosecutors and authorities to help victims recover the funds that scammers have stolen from them. Unlike many other funds recovery companies, we do not ask for high initial payments or outrageous commissions, but instead focus on comprehensive investigation, identification of individuals […]