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Payment Information

In order to identify the involved banks, credit card companies, and payment services providers we need your payment transactions data.
Please provide the following data: date of payment, Beneficiary (to whom did you pay), payment reference, Bank and/or Payment Services Provider involved, IBAN (if possible), amount.

Select Your EFRI Campaign Membership

Please select your campaign membership. Details on the memberships can be found here. Payment can be made after submitting your claims

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POA Membership

The POA Membership is associated with an inital one-time payment of €75. POA members provide EFRI with a power-of-authorney to recover your invested funds in a best-effort approach. Moreover, you have access to a closed BeAlgoTechs Telegram group.

Intel Membership

We include Intel Members in our distribution list and will inform them about the case progress either via email or publicly available reports on FinTelegram and/or social media.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]