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EFRI Mission

Increasing extent of cybercrime poses a daily risk for consumers and retail investors!

The increasing digitalization along with the virtualization of money bring with it a new, massive threat – cybercrime. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies with new marketing methods and a massive gap in the technological affinity of some Internet users create an unprecedented ecosphere for criminals. Traditional crimes such as bank robbery or car theft prove to be far less lucrative than cybercriminal activities.

Cybercrime is a global phenomenon with no national borders. By means of sophisticated social media web campaigns, billions of people can be reached by perpetrators at almost no cost.

On a daily basis, European consumers are at risk of losing their life savings to extremely organized and largely unprosecuted, massive online investment scams, and fraud, involving massive money laundering and terrorism activities, operated by transnational organized criminal networks in co-operation with European banks, Fintechs and crypto exchanges. Cybercrime and money-laundering pose serious and substantial issues to encrusted government structures,  with cyber-criminals showing an overwhelming dynamic and outpacing the given prosecution procedures by far.

As a matter of fact, consumers falling for cybercrime are more or less left alone in Europe right now with encrusted government structured and non-existent cross border criminal prosecution.

EFRI seeks to provide help to all these ripped off customers by giving them a united voice.

Legal data: Initiative zur Bekämpfung von Cyberkriminalität an Konsumenten und Kleinanlegern in Europa (in english: Initiative to fight against cybercrime  against consumers and retail investors) was legally set up as of May 2020 in Vienna, Austria (ZVR-Zahl: 1493630560)

Here you can read our charter (english) (german).

EFRI is managed and guided by two experienced and scam-proved board members:

  • Elfriede Sixt and
  • Nigel Kimberly.

Moreover, to navigate through the different jurisdictions, EFRI installed a board of non-executive board members recruited from victims from many countries across the globe.

After 18 months of fighting in this field,  EFRI represents 822 victims with a total loss of 34,8 million Euros as of the beginning of July 2020.

We run Telegram groups for victims of different scams such as Blue Trading, AlgoTechs/BEALGO, or Blue Trading. Additionally, Nigel Kimberly and Raoula M run big Facebook groups for fraud victims. They would be more than happy to see you in their groups to share your experience with the other victims.

Pls be aware that we never do cold calls and that we never ask for any BTC transfers.